In the Austrian Tyrol, is the starting-point of the season is given. However, the temperatures have been anything but winter or summer, and need for skiers to be satisfied with a lone white strip, in an, as yet, the green mountains. But the snow is real. It was an amazing performance for the one and the madness of the other.

From a place that is “the best ski resort in the world” lists, you can just about expect anything-except humility. The owner of the cable cars in Kitzbuhel, austria – Kitzski packs more than happy to be out of warranty on a “guaranteed snow from October to may”, and “pristine nature”.

But how can both be reconciled? It is, after all, is not a glacier. It is the highest point of the ski area is 2,000 square metres. So, how do you get in October though the winter season is open, and at a temperature of 20 ° c and sunshine? Due to the nature of a hand tool, to help you find the information useful. And there it is, in particular, Austria is very well versed in it.