The scandal at the October Plenary session, 1987: say that Yeltsin

History 29/12/19 public domainСкандал at the October Plenary session, 1987: say that Yeltsin

the Speech of the then future President of Russia Boris Yeltsin at the October 1987 Plenum many today call scandalous. Yeltsin not only boldly criticized the work of members of the Politburo, but was asked to save him from “custody” Raisa Maksimovna Gorbacheva. Here only complained about whether Yeltsin, first lady, really?

the statement about the “dismissal”

according to the Rudolf pihoya, author of “the President of the Russian Federation Boris Nikolaevich Yeltsin”, shortly before the legendary plenary session, on 12 September 1987, Boris Yeltsin, who then held the high post of first Secretary MGK the Communist party and was a candidate member of the Politburo and demanded to remove him from his post. According to pihoya, it was the first and only case when the official of such rank in his Prime decided to voluntarily give up their place. In a letter addressed to Yeltsin, Mikhail Gorbachev, he said that it oppresses “the position of some comrades from the Politburo”. Boris Yeltsin asked Gorbachev to consider the letter an official statement.

However, the departure of Yeltsin, Gorbachev considered inappropriate. Gorbachev assured Yeltsin that they will return to the discussion after the October Plenum. Really time for the scandals was wrong. First, was nearing the 70th anniversary of the October revolution, which, incidentally, was timed and the Plenum. And the popularity of Yeltsin was gaining momentum. According to Andrei Burovskii in his book “the Massacre of the USSR – premeditated murder”, when Boris Nikolaevich has developed a new plan of development of Moscow, entered into force a ban on the destruction of historical monuments, began to celebrate the city Day. Despite this, Yeltsin had indeed intended to leave. And the words of Gorbachev perceived as only a reprieve.

the Scandal at the Plenum

it is Noteworthy that Boris Yeltsin mentioned on Plename was not supposed to speak. However, at first, everything really went according to plan. According to Alexander Hinstein, the author of the book “Yeltsin, the Kremlin: a case history”, Mikhail Gorbachev read his report, which ended with applause, and at the end of the event, the presiding Ligachev addressed the audience with a trademark phrase: “does anyone have any questions?”. After that, all had to go home. However, all of a sudden, Yeltsin raised his hand. Ligachev pretended that he didn’t notice the gesture of Boris Yeltsin. And here wedged Gorbachev: “comrade Yeltsin’s statement”.

In the “statement” Boris Yeltsin got everything. So, Valery Legostaev, in his book “Gorbachev broke the power” writes that Yeltsin’s pretty safe at the time criticized the restructuring of the “left” and also expressed dissatisfaction with the work style of the Politburo, including Ligachev and the cult of personality of Gorbachev. Boris Yeltsin is not overlooked and the first lady of the country. “I have to ask the Politburo to keep me from micromanaging Raisa and her almost daily phone calls and notations,” said Boris. These words of the first Secretary of the Moscow city party Committee mentions in his book “Boris Yeltsin” Boris Minaev.

the emergence of the “fakes”

meanwhile, Nikolai Zenkovich on the pages of the book “Boris Yeltsin: a different kind of life” says that nothing like Yeltsin did not. And this from Zenkovich really is a good reason. Rumors about the controversial speech of Yeltsin instantly spread not only in the capital but throughout the country. The emergence of all kinds of speculation contributed, according to Leo the Syrian, author of “1991: treason. The Kremlin against the USSR”, and delaying the publication of the speech. Thanks to the silence of the authorities, according to Andrei Burovskii, in the so-called samizdat “walked” about 20 versions of the texts attributed to Yeltsin.

Interestingly, one of them wrote the journalist Poltoranin, the recognition of which is reproduced in the edition of the authors “Cocktail Poltoranina. Secrets of the Yeltsin behind the scenes.” It is clear that the majority of samizdat texts, as the text of Poltoranina, was much more radical than the real speech of the Secretary of the Committee. The people in them he poured out all his anger and Gorbachev and his wife. However, Alexander Korzhakov, chief bodyguard of Boris Yeltsin, in his memoirs, “Boris Yeltsin: from dawn to dusk 2.0” confirmed that Boris, like many others, really annoyed by the growing influence of Raisa Maximovna.

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