Three Russian orthodox priests have come from a sportvliegtuigje and 70 gallons of “holy water” all over the city of Tver streaked to the extreme consumption of alcohol at the front in the press. She took the holy water in a plastic bottle, and then from a golden cup, and with a lot of blessings come out of the open hatch, it was perfection.

all The clergy of Tver (about 165 km west-north-west of Moscow have been trying since 2013, and in this way, the drinking problems in the city, to regulate. To help the “healing rain”, however, is not. In the whole of Russia’s collapse, thousands of people, excessive use of alcohol. This year’s state of the counter, all of approximately 4300 deaths, an increase of 17 per cent compared to the previous year.

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And also in the Tver and keep to the issues, but the priests continue to do. In accordance with the dedicated clergy, the drops of holy water to the residents, helping to stay sober and make sure that they are not looking at the bottle, grab it. They have to do it once a year, in the so-called Russian ” day of the down-to-earth’.

the Priest of Alexander Goryachev, and two other priests during their luchtprocessie is not only “holy water”, but they are also two of the precious icons, and a portrait of st John the Baptist, and a representation of what is called ‘the Inexhaustible Cup’. Of the latter, it is claimed that it is the people’s cure who are suffering aanalcoholisme, or who suffer from other addictions, for example, the use of drugs or extra-marital sex and out the door. In order for the action to be even more effective at I also have a couple on the plane, which claims to be the husband of the couple is the ‘holy chalice’ in a wonderful way, healed by his excessive use of alcohol. “Without the water, I couldn’t,” says the now sober person.

Severe cases

According to the priest of Alexander Goryachev, was selected as a pre-computed, the perfect amount of “holy water” of just 70 litres of “in the event that the alcohol is in the city and hold it, then we can always expand and put then next year we have something a little more down,” he said in his flight to the Russian media. “Especially for the more severe cases.”

Goryachev was also a profound statement for a special procession through the village. “All disease comes from a virus, a virus that is of the devil. Therefore, it is a disease in the first place, it is a spiritual disease.” The religious response that will not be appreciated by everyone. It is clean, and a great deal to have a laugh. The priests are to be found in the negative reactions to other players. “There’s nothing funny going on here,” says a serious-Goryachev. “We have to heal from an altitude of approximately 300 m is only one illness. Let everyone laugh! We do the work we do. And every little bit helps.”