other than the minister Ank Bijleveld (ministry of Defense) to the house of representatives has reported, the United States, however, have assumed that the Dutch raid on the Hawija seventy civilians killed have been in some cases. As the minister acknowledges, in a Tuesday letter sent to the Chamber on this matter is wrong is to have occurred.

Bijleveld said in december of last year, during a parliamentary debate to know that the Americans are the victims of the Hawija does not have to be counted in their statistics.

According to the minister, was a request from CENTCOM, which is where the civilians killed are recorded, shows that in the united states, the victims of the attack on Hawija had not been taken into account. CENTCOM would have the Defence stated that “Hawija” is not included in the total because it is close to the Dutch attack to an unconfirmed number of people dead.

After the debate, it is Bijleveld is still asking to go to the Americans, she wrote in the letter to parliament. It turns out that the Us secretary of Defence, had reported to the victim as a result of the Dutch bombing attacks are still used.

Bijleveld, regrets incomplete, inform the < / p> Bijleveld: “I regret to say that this information differs from the information that used to be on CENTCOM’s received, she wrote. “Because, it now turns out that the attack on Hawija, however, is a part of the total number in the chart. I’m assuming the information provided through official channels from CENTCOM to serve.”

in The Second Room, called Bijleveld, multiple times to the same Room to talk about the air strike on Hawija. Research by NRC handelsblad and the NOS that the Dutch air attacks on Iraq civilians killed are cases in which, in spite of repeated requests from the parliament to clarify the issue, were not made public.

Bijleveld done that before for a vote of no confidence, and there was also criticism of prime minister Mark Rutte, who said it does not have to be able to recall information about the number of civilians killed. Whether there are civilian casualties, which were, according to the prime minister, is “not relevant” to the extension of the mission in Iraq.