Today, people have to follow some rules and restrictions set by the spread of the deadly virus. One way or another, the life still goes on.

There are people who want to buy, sell or rent property. Some homeowners choose to take their property off the market due to the growing economic uncertainty.

In fact, people are very much afraid of contracting the virus. They do their best to avoid unnecessary social interaction. But what if you really need to sell or buy a house amid the coronavirus pandemic? What are your options?

Open Houses Banned due to the Pandemic

Buying a house can be an extremely difficult and responsible procedure. So, people want to visit the house to be able to decide whether this property is exactly what they need.

The process of showing properties was quite simple before the coronavirus started spreading. Now, everything has changed. Sellers do not want to accept strangers in their homes. Buyers also try to avoid contacts with the unknown people. As a result, open houses have been halted.

According to the social distancing guidelines, people should keep 6 feet from each other. In most cases, it’s hard when two people enter the same house. But that doesn’t mean at all that buying and selling property has become impossible. The experienced real estate agents never give up and they try to get creative. Realtors have found new effective ways of showing property during the coronavirus outbreak.

Creative Ways of Showing Property during the Deadly Virus Outbreak

Virtual tours are becoming extremely popular among buyers. People use technology to buy property they like and stay safe at the same time. Safety is our top priority under the current circumstances. That is the main reason why the coronavirus pandemic makes virtual technologies even more essential.

Social distancing has definitely changes our lives. But real estate agents are adapting very quickly to new rules and guidelines. Virtual reality gives buyers an excellent opportunity to continue their search staying home.

In fact, a virtual tour is a collection of images that gives a house hunter a great chance to explore every corner of the property. The study shows that only 14% of agents used virtual tours in their work before the coronavirus outbreak. Now, it is a rapidly growing tendency.

What are the Options for International Buyers Amid the Pandemic

Due to the fact that a lot of other countries faced the coronavirus outbreak before the U.S., experts believe that the international buyers will get back to the property market sooner than the buyers within the country.

In fact, virtual tours are not new to the international buyers. Over the last 5 years a great number of international buyers purchased properties in the U.S. without actually seeing them. When you take a virtual tour around the house, it’s just like you visit it in real life.

How to Create a Virtual Tour for Your Property

Are you planning to sell your home in the nearest future? You can create your own virtual tour to attract potential buyers. Due to 3D-tours buyers can choose what part of the property to look at.

Your virtual tour will be interesting and engaging if you manage to create a real view of the home and provide potential buyers with clear pictures and smooth navigation.

Today, there is a wide selection of tools and apps that will help every seller create a high-quality virtual tour for their property. You can select one of them, make a 3D-tour and increase your chances to sell the property fast even during the coronavirus outbreak.

Zillow Reports Increasing Interest in its Virtual Tour App

Zillow, a popular real estate website, reports that the number of property sellers who use Zillow 3D Home app is rapidly growing. This app allows people to create a virtual tour for the property they are going to sell. Zillow also reports that the listings with virtual tours are more popular among potential buyers looking for property online.

In fact, real estate market is facing a serious problem – some home seekers are not ready to buy property amid the coronavirus pandemic and not all sellers agree to accept offers made online.

Obviously, the whole process of buying and selling property is going to be different. Hopefully, people will manage to live their normal lives despite coronavirus fears.


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