In Hechtel-Eksel, After months of searching even with a drone over the Northern part of Limburg has been with the Agency for Nature and Forest, common. Naya and her cubs have been killed by the “professionals” that are in the nest and hacked. The word ‘hunter’ is western union in their mouths, but as critics point out, however, that in the direction of. “But the hunter does not take advantage of the installation of a wolf,” said jachtverenigingen.

from A compiled to be executed at a service station not only in the forest, cutting vleeshaken with the meat of the wolf to provoke, and even a jagersduo that are reinforced in a restricted area was in the vicinity of the Head of her family. Plenty of in the direction of the hunters as well as hunters, but as a concrete evidence there is, even today, is not. Also CAC is to admit that their months and months of research to uncover it.

The last picture is of a female wolf Head, dates back to the summer, for the period from the end of april. She was clearly pregnant, but it disappeared since then from the side. “There were so many pictures of the mannetjeswolf, of which food is made. At a certain moment in time stopped in August, with the application of the food. The she-wolf, or, the end of which appeared on the picture,” says western union.

Anonymous tip

In July it was an anonymous tip from inside, which told us that the wolf is, intentionally, would have been poisoned by poachers. The information has been examined, is deliberately kept a secret in order for the research not to harm, and the public prosecutor’s office has been informed. After a number of analyses, there were no traces of poison have been found in the found wolvenuitwerpselen.