The belgian football’s Pro League, the association of the 24 professional clubs in Belgium, be aware that the status quo of the tax beneficial regime of which football clubs and players to enjoy is no longer tenable. So, does the Belgian prof league, on Saturday, on a number of political proposals to the national office for SOCIAL security benefits, and to reduce or eliminate them. “The abolition of the reduced rate would have a negative impact on the whole of the transfergebeuren,” said the chairman of the Pro League, and Peter Croonen.

all The Pro-League will provide the parties with the basis for a proposal to develop the competitiveness of the Belgian clubs that do no damage.Since the start of the Operation is Zero, in October of 2018 and is located in the favorable tax and SOCIAL security system for the athletes and sports are under attack. Especially the cars would have to be low-tax amount of money relative to their high salaries. When an employee is socialezekerheidsbijdrage 38,07% of the gross salary is: the employer pays the other 25 percent of the employee’s need to self-13,07% percent. For the sporty ones amongst us will be that social security contributions are calculated on the fixed gross monthly salary, which gives them a maximum amount of only 868 euro per month and you have to pay for it. Due to that the beneficial regime is running the social security system, as around 70 million euros a year, is wrong.

all The Pro-League, is aware that the current SOCIAL security benefits are social and political, will no longer be valid. Since the Operation is Zero, were professional clubs also have a number of simulation exercises is to make you an offer for the stuff to come out. That should respond to the political and social concerns, but it should at the same time, the competitive position of the Belgian clubs in European competition will be compromised. In the Pro League, points out that in a lot of countries, football teams, from a fiscal and socially beneficial regime you enjoy.