24.08.2022, Berlin: Bundeskanzler Olaf Scholz (SPD) wartet auf den Beginn der Sitzung des Bundeskabinetts im Kanzleramt. Foto: Michael Kappeler/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

It’s going to be a hot autumn. Millions and millions of people in the Federal Republic will look in their purses and look around. after what? How it can get better. With whom? The federal government, of course. And it will come under pressure like never before.

Because on September 1, 2022, the nine-euro ticket and the so-called tank discount will end, which means that fuel will also become more expensive again. A follow-up regulation is not planned for the tank discount. There are considerations and regional plans for the nine-euro ticket. Maybe nationwide soon.

Then the energy flat rate. It will be paid out – with restrictions. Pensioners and recipients of basic security do not receive the 300 euros, students are also excluded. Unless they have part-time jobs. There is still work to be done for these groups. And don’t forget the care: Collective bargaining coverage should now be mandatory here.

Good on the one hand, because up to 300,000 nursing staff who have been lost but are urgently needed can be lured back; on the other hand problematic for many small providers and people who buy care. Means: The care is more expensive, for some unaffordable.

Unless the state helps. In general, all of the above is an enormous challenge for the state, because every solution costs a lot of money – and spending a lot of money also fuels inflation, which the government wants to avoid at all costs. This also against the background of experiences that Scholz still has in mind: We are currently heading for a price increase of ten percent, higher than ever in our democracy.

That’s why an SPD chancellor has fallen before. In 1974, under Willy Brandt, inflation of up to ten percent was feared, and the unions demanded wage increases, led by the large ÖTV (public services, transport and traffic) under Heinz Kluncker. That doesn’t have to happen. The coalition partners will meet again at the weekend, then they have to deliver. The citizens are just looking around to see how things can get better. And it has to get better.