Since the last survey in 2013, three times as many Flemish respondents are in the age group of 50 to 74 years, and that they will have to be tested for colon cancer. This is demonstrated by the health of the Sciensano, the institute for public health.

from the scope of the investigation people can be from 53 to 74 years, with a stoelgangtest to a screeningskit that they are home. The sample is free of charge, tested in the laboratory. In the next few years will be people aged over 50 years, as part of the investigation.

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in Accordance with the previous health survey from 2013 showed the 16.2 percent of the population in the age group of 50 to 74 years old can test for cancer of the colon, and, according to the latest health survey of the Sciensano is that by 2018, but less than 48,1 per cent.

In the Walloon Region of belgium, where screening started in 2009, and an increase in the number of people that said they would have to be tested from 16.4% to 19.4 percent between 2013 and 2018. Brussels-launched in October 2018, with a private screening for cancer of the colon.

Sciensano is in favor of campaigns aimed at groups at risk and vulnerable groups, in order to provide a more accessible approach to the delivery of the item.