The mystery of the death of Yuri Andropov whether he was poisoned

History 24/01/20 the Mystery of the death of Yuri Andropov whether he was poisoned

Secretary General of the CPSU Central Committee Yuri Andropov managed to spend just over a year. In early February 1984, Andropov’s life was cut short. The death of General Secretary has generated a lot of rumors, one of which was the version about the poisoning of the head of the country. Some still believe that such speculation was unfounded.

Chronic kidney disease

Yuri Vladimirovich Andropov never been the ideal condition. In his youth Andropov earned kidney disease. According to Oleg Hlobustov, author of the book “Andropov Phenomenon,” the disease moved from the future Secretary General after it during practice in the Rybinsk technical school of water transport fell from the vessel into the cold autumn water. It is a chronic kidney disease and subsequently caused the release of Yuri Andropov from military service. Some believed that Andropov simply exploited their diagnosis. For example, Secretary of the Central Committee of the party Varlamov wondered why the “young and healthy” Yuri “hanging around in the rear”.

And indeed, according to the book “Dean reed: the tragedy of the red cowboy” Fedor Razzakov, until Andropov came to power, the buds are not too bothered. But he had to be at the helm of the state, as the disease has deteriorated. Here’s the doctor Yevgeny Chazov in his memoirs, “Dance of death” notes that “Andropov disease rapidly progressed.” However, on the background of the therapy, according to the same Chazov, the Secretary General felt satisfactory. However, on 9 February 1984, Yuri died. According to Anatoly Tereshchenko, author of “Ruins of incompetence”, according to the official version, Andropov died of kidney failure.

the Suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of

But not everyone believed the official cause of the death of Yuri Andropov. And there was a good reason. So, the Deputy security chief Andropov, Boris Kluikov, whose words are quoted in the book by Alexander Ostrovsky, “Who put Gorbachev?”, remember that even on the morning of 9 February, the anniversary of the sudden death of the Secretary General, “everything was normal”. The nurse just complained Kluikova that Andropov did not want to eat. Then Boris came in to see the boss helped him eat and shave. But just a few minutes, as he put Kluikov started “unusual medical vanity”. Andropov was in a coma and 16 hours and 50 minutes he was gone.

Moreover, the death of Yuri Andropov was not “alone”, and “force”. At least so says Alexander Korzhakov, in his book, “Demons 2:0. And kings-is not real!”. The fact that Andropov simply disconnected from life support systems, while, according to Korzhakov, the agony could last several more months. However, the surprise came Chernenko and Plekhanov, who demanded the head of security Secretary General Ivanov to take the keys from the safe with the secret documents, which was equivalent to the transfer of power. That’s only in the time Andropov was still alive.

the emergence of the version of the poisoning

in connection with the above circumstances some researchers and the witnesses of those events showed the confidence that Yuri Andropov did not die a natural death but was murdered. The well-known politician Gavriil Popov believes that the Secretary General has died suspiciously “timely” and therefore, most likely, was poisoned and it is possible that someone from the medical staff. The version of the poisoning at the time was supported by the foreign press. For example, the Paris newspaper “Russian thought” in July of 1984, referred to these rumors. And the magazine “Voice of Diaspora” in the same year reported that in the US media there is evidence of poisoning of Yuri Andropov radioactive strontium-90.

the Cause of the speculation, according to which Andropov could be poisoned, and served as the Secretary-General himself. In the words of Yuri in his lifeand he was suffering from poisoning more than once. So, the head of the party claimed that in 1969 he was poisoned by the Vietnamese. Then after returning from Hanoi Andropov first time I felt really bad. In addition, as write M. A. Pankov and other authors of “100 famous mysteries of history”, a sharp deterioration in the health of the Chairman of the KGB came after a trip to Afghanistan in 1977. Despite the fact that presumably Andropov was the victim of a viral infection, nor any other case the exact causes of ailments of the Secretary General wasn’t established.

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