The most offensive nicknames, which were called the soldiers of the Wehrmacht

History 06/01/20 Most offensive nicknames, which were called the soldiers of the Wehrmacht

During the Second world war in different countries of the Germans was called by different names. The Russians called them Krauts, at least Hans. Probably because it was one of the most common male names in Germany. As written in the book “men at war” or the memoir, “Behind enemy lines” the soldiers of other countries called the Germans quite differently.

As the Germans were called during the war

since the last third of the XIX century, the French called the Germans jerries. The name is, of course, has nothing to do with the title modern Bosch producing household (and not only) technique. Where did this nickname? The French boche is a shortened version of the word alboche, which was formed from the first syllable al (from FR. allemand – German), and the last boche (from FR. caboche – head). The most popular is the offensive name has gained during the First world war. That’s why we meet him on the pages of the book by Henri Barbusse “Fire”, where the author describes in detail the horrors of this war. The word existed until the end of the Second world war and has spread from French to other languages: English, Russian, Portuguese. Even the French called the Germans Colorado potato beetles (Doryphore). This nickname comes from the fact that the Germans were shamelessly exploited by the French during the war. Nickname grey green (FR. vert de gris) has arisen due to the camouflage color of the form the Germans. The color resembled French natural patina on the surface of monuments. Also, it was common to nickname Chleuhs – the name of the African tribe in Morocco. Their language for the French was incomprehensible. Interestingly, Chleuhs still lives in the French offensive nickname for the Germans. An example of its use we can meet in the famous film “Taxi”.

the British did not invent anything special, but just called the Germans Jerry willsreduction of the word Germany (Germany). Another naming – Kraut (sauerkraut). Why the British are so called of the Germans is not known. There are several versions: from the fact that pickled cabbage was a national dish in the South of the Germans; for the story of Jules Verne, where the German industrialist liked to eat the cabbage. In this regard, it is amusing to remember that in the postwar years, in the lexicon of Soviet children was common offensive obzyvalka: “German-pepper – sausage, sauerkraut”, listing the characteristic features of the German national cuisine. Another little word – Heinie – diminutive of Heinrich (Henry). It is unclear why, but it was used against the Germans in the meaning of “idiot” or “simpleton”.

the Dutch called the Germans Mof (which is a synonym for “Nazi”), thus expressing their dissatisfaction with the occupation of the Netherlands. Even today, the Dutch can, seeing the Germans shouted: “Where’s my bike?” The joke was born in the years of the Second world war, when German troops confiscated all the bicycles. Say, hearing this cry, the Germans are very offended.

the Poles gave the Germans a typical nickname – Fritz, Gestapo, Hitler, Adolfs.

the Italians called the Germans Crucchi (crucco from). Initially if referred to captured Croatian soldiers from the Austro-Hungarian army during the First world war, asking for bread. Offensive the nickname is used to this day in all German-speaking.

the Austrians gave the Germans a rather peculiar nickname – Мarmeladenbruder (the jelly brothers). This nickname originated in the First world war (when the Germans and Austrians were allies) because of the fact that in the trenches the Germans rubbed it on the bread not the butter, and cheap fruit jam. This fact was the reason for the emergence of such shape characteristics.

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