The mayor richer: the mayor's office disclosed the income Anatoly Elbow last year

the city Hall of Novosibirsk has published data on incomes Anatoly Elbow — the mayor in 2019 earned more than the year before.

According to the document, the total income of the mayor made up 3.63 million rubles — 350 thousand more than in 2018. The income of the spouse of the mayor, by contrast, have fallen: if in 2018 it earned of 1.61 million rubles, this was reported 1.55 million rubles.

the list of marital property, nothing has changed: the wife of the Elbow was two apartments with an area is 105.6 square meters and 59,8 per square meter. The mayor owns the apartment area of 34.4 square meters, and uses housing, coinciding in area with the apartment of his wife — is 105.6 square meters. The family vehicle, according to the published Declaration, not owned.