The massacre in the village Zahrani: what the poles were killing Ukrainians

History 12/01/20 Massacre in the village Zahrani: what the poles were killing Ukrainians

March 10, 1944, several hundred fighters of the Polish home Army under the command of Lieutenant Zeno Yakimanka attacked a Ukrainian village Sahrini. Also the action was attended by soldiers of the peasant battalions, recruited from Polish colonists in neighboring villages. According to the Polish attack was carried out with the aim of preventing hostilities, detachments of the UPA*.

the Ukrainians against the poles

In February 1943, the nationalists of the OUN-UPA* began to attack villages in the territory of Ukraine, which is dominated by the Polish population. The joint massacre of poles and Ukrainians began in 1942, but in the summer of 1943 the killing reached its peak. On 11 July 1943 the Ukrainians were simultaneously attacked by 150 Polish villages. In autumn 1943 some detachments of nationalists moved from Volhynia on Kholmshchyna and Podlasie, where the Polish population was more numerous, and the underground is stronger.

the Polish underground made contact with Soviet partisans jointly fought against Ukrainian nationalists. 9 Feb 1944 the forces of “UPA-West”* was ordered to intensify the struggle against the poles and proceed to the destruction of their churches, manors and houses. In the attacks on the village of UPA* supported the 4th and 5th regiments of the SS “Galicia”.


With the approach of the red Army, the Polish partisans went into action. At this time, the leadership of the home Army in Hrubieszowska County decides to attack Ukrainian villages, which supposedly concentrated the enemy. Among them was Sahring. According to the Polish archives, the action was attended by up to 300 fighters of the home Army and the peasant battalions, which attacked Shrine placed in the office of the German police of 16 Ukrainians, and 60 people from self-defense units and fighters of the UPA* Bender. After a brief skirmish the enemy was suppressed and the poles moved to the mass murder of Ukrainianwow the population of the village.

11 Mar 1944 in Hrubieszowska the district of Gorlice, Poland was attacked 11 villages, which dominated the Ukrainian and Ruthenian population. Polish historians say about two hundred dead, and according to the Ukrainian researchers only Shrine died from 750 to 1,300 Ukrainians. To accurately identify managed 651 people. Confrontation and the joint murders of poles and Ukrainians lasted until the summer of 1944, and ended only with the arrival of the red Army. The total number of dead civilians in Hrubieszowska County is estimated at 3-4 thousand.

*banned in Russia organization

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