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the Inverse path of Romanov started in 1967 with military service in the internal troops of the interior Ministry. Even then, the future General showed their remarkable quality, having gone to the demobilization of the rank of Sergeant. Apparently realizing that his calling, immediately after the service, he enrolled in the Saratov military College of the Ministry of the interior. Dzerzhinsky that in 1972 he graduated with honors.

it is the Novels and was left to serve. For 12 years there he served as exchange officer to the commander of the cadet battalion. Then destiny brought him to the Chelyabinsk region, in 546-th regiment of the internal troops division of the MIA. Already in 1985, became its commander. In 1988, he was promoted to the position of chief of staff of the 95th, yet familiar at the emergency service division. He left with the rank of Colonel in 1991.

Since 1992, the Novels started to get Ministerial posts. First – head of special units of internal troops, where he was promoted to major General. Then – head of the office for the protection of important state objects and special cargoes. In 1993 he was appointed Deputy commander of internal troops of the Ministry of internal Affairs – the chief of Department of combat training.

In an extremely difficult period for Russia – during a confrontation between the Supreme Soviet and the President – Novels was on the side of the head of state and even personally led the storming of the White house. In those circumstances, favorable or not, the General has proven loyalty and commitment to the integrity of the country, which certainly determined its subsequent use.

In October 1994, the Novels, after he was long engaged in the reform of the interior troops and the development of plans of action in case of revolts in the national republics or Chechnya, took over command of the military task force in the North Caucasus and was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General.

Since the beginning of the First Chechen war, the head of the group took an active part in the hostilities. Not only as a military commander and leader (as commander of the internal troops and the joint group of Federal forces in Chechnya), but also a negotiator. Largely on his shoulders that moved the process of peace settlement of the military conflict and to create conditions for this. Partly this circumstance proved fatal.

October 6, 1995 between Anatoly Romanov and one of leaders of separatists Aslan Maskhadov had held talks. Driving on the way to the airport and the tunnel under the railway bridge on the area Minute in Grozny the column of General blown up by explosive charge equivalent to 30 kilograms of TNT. The car of the head of the group was in the center of the explosion, the car was almost nothing left.

Along with the Romanovs in the car were three people: the driver, a soldier of the guard and the adjutant. Out of all four, survived only General in the opinion of some, he was saved by the fact that he was in a flak jacket and helmet. However, to identify the commander managed only by the General’s belt buckle and wedding ring – so severe was the wound. After receiving a fractured skull and brain injury, the Deputy Minister immediately went into a coma.

urgently Romanov and the other wounded were evacuated to a military hospital in Vladikavkaz. The doctors had to collect General literally in pieces.

As he told the General’s wife, Larisa, the account of that day left. “A half hour lived — well, the hour has lived a day has lived. He began to breathe without an apparatus. Eyes opened on the 18th day,” she said in an interview with “Arguments and facts”.

the Head of the Vladikavkaz hospital, major-General Anatoly Klujev, says: “General Romanov was nearly murdered. He was saved by timely medical assistance”.

Shortly after emerging from the coma Romanov on the plane “Scalpel” was moved to Moscow Military clinical hospital named. Burdenko. There behind him began to follow the team of experienced physicians, but more importantly – by his bed day and night wife and daughter.

“Over time, Roofing has become a “thaw”. Moved one hand slowly began to move. At first he lay perfectly still, staring at the ceiling. Could neither to the right nor to the left to turn his head. Slowly began to drive, then head, then hands to move, legs,” — says Larisa.

However, due to injuries, in her confession, Anatoly Romanov remained in the border state. Now he can understand written text, respond to, and report its status by waving hands and eye movements. But hardly remembers what happened to him, and maybe doesn’t even know that a month after the assassination he was promoted to the rank of Colonel and received the award of Hero of Russia.

However, his family does not lose hope. Doctors still, even after 20 years, I try to use any opportunity to break into his consciousness. Today the house of General in the Main military clinical hospital of interior Ministry troops in Balashikha, where he moved in 2009 (as it turned out recently, at the initiative of then-defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov, who is not satisfied with the high cost of treatment of the Hero of Russia), all hung with pictures. “Suddenly, some of them will give impetus and start a real breakthrough…”, — believes a military wife.

the rest of the General is in fine form thanks to strict hospital regime and daily procedures. “Every day of his stay in the hospital minutely painted,” explains Larisa. Schedule Romanova include massage, and therapeutic exercise twice a day, in good weather, he and his wife go for a walk. Sometimes the family even manages to get out of the hospital, to visit old friends or go to a concert – General loves music. And once he and his wife even went to the gifts of the Magi – the relatives do not intend give up and try to leave no stone unturned to combat the disease.

Ivan Resepi

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