The liberation of Korea from the Japanese: what's the charge against the red army

History 14/01/20 the Liberation of Korea from the Japanese: what’s the charge of the red army

Attempts to rewrite the history of the Second world war, as we know, accompanied by cries of “millions of raped German women”. Similar accusations against the red Army are heard from the opposite side of the Eurasian continent. Historians and commentators in South Korea have criticised the Russian soldiers who liberated their country in 1945.

the Russians on the Korean Peninsula

After the entry of Soviet Union into the war against Japan in August 1945, Stalin had entrusted the command of the 1st far Eastern front, the task is to free Korea.

the operation involved part of the 25th army, led by Colonel-General Ivan Chistyakov, and support was carried out by ships of the Pacific fleet under the command of Admiral Ivan Yumashev. The main role played by the air force and Marines. Already on August 9 and 10 Russian planes flew 616 combat missions, bringing down fire on the cities Ungi, of Chongjin and Najin. August 12 port Najin was taken by the Marines. August 13 torpedo boats with 180 men on Board entered the Bay Changin. The paratroopers managed to take the beachhead, and finally the most important naval base of the enemy fell on 16 August under the blows of the Soviet reinforcements. In the battle for Changin the Japanese lost 3 thousand people.

the Six soldiers for this operation have received stars of Heroes of the Soviet Union, including a posthumous award was given to nurse Maria Tsukanova, tortured Japanese monsters.
on August 15, Emperor Hirohito announced that his country lay down their arms, but in Korea, Japanese troops resisted the Russian for another 3 days. Subsequently, the red army passed through the whole North of the Peninsula, disarming the Japanese. In early September, the 25th army was the 38 th parallel, South of which were already US soldiers. The Soviet military presence in North Korea continued to 1948.

As to the heroism of the red Army are in Korea

the Official historiography of the DPRK highly appreciates the role of the red Army in the liberation of the country. For the cemeteries of Russian soldiers in North Korea are still carefully tended. In the Central Park of Pyongyang in honor of the 1,500 soldiers killed on Korean soil, erected a monument “Chabanka” (“Release”).
“the Great Soviet people defeated the Japanese imperialists and liberated the Korean people,” reads the inscription on the monument.

In contrast to Pyongyang colleagues, researchers from South Korea at first tried to “ignore” the actions of the red Army in 1945. Over time, this topic still received coverage, but mostly in a critical manner.

“Many South Korean historians of the liberation of Korea Soviet troops directly associated with the division of the Korean Peninsula into two parts,” – said the orientalist Alexander Ivanov from Pacific state University.

South Koreans blamed Russian in various crimes, including looting. There are opinions that in Korea allegedly fought released from the Gulag prisoners, “not burdened with” moral norms. It is alleged that the Soviet command issued an order for “self-sufficient army on the ground,” thereby provoked a wave of looting and “atrocities” against the civilian population. The peak of these events occurred, according to the South Koreans, in September-November 1945, while the antics of the soldiers did not suppress the logged-in Korea the forces of the NKVD.

it is Noteworthy that in South Korea going so far as to actually defend his own enemies, the Japanese. Professor Lee Yong-Sik of Seoul University “Leaving Korea,” published in 2012, blames the Russian the fact that they are not sent from Japanese prisoners of war home, and sent them to Siberia.

In fact, the Soviet Union had the right to use the work of the Japanese in the reconstruction of the national economy. Note that due to the Japanese threat during VeLika Patriotic war in the far East were forced to were a major military force, which otherwise could be used against the Germans. In addition, Seoul forgotten that as a gesture of goodwill, the Soviet Union is gone out of the country captured Japanese assets, leaving it to the Koreans.

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