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Biography 24/01/20 frame of filmadoras “enemies of the people”: what repressed father Savely KRAMAROVA

the History of mother Savely KRAMAROVA, after the death of which the actor was so afraid of getting cancer probably known to all. But the father of the Soviet comedian’s biographers, as a rule, try to avoid. Most often, the authors of various publications about the life of an artist confined to a short sentence, like “KRAMAROVA father was arrested”.

Childhood Savely KRAMAROVA

Few people know that in fact, Savely Kramarov in childhood about her acting career not even dreamed of: he wanted to be a lawyer. At least, so says Anatoly Romanov, author of “On other people’s graveyards: the necropolis of Russian abroad”. Novels also writes about the fact that the son of an “enemy of the people”, whom was considered Kramarov, the path to practicing law was what is called ordered. Yeah and in drama school Savely Viktorovich did not immediately. First Kramarov studied at the forestry Institute, and after came to him real fame, was educated at GITIS.

unfortunately, the parents of her son’s success to be happy did not. Mother KRAMAROVA Benedict F. S. Volchek passed away due to cancer in 1950. A few months passed away and the father Savely KRAMAROVA Viktor. If you believe the encyclopedia “who is Who in the world”, edited by G. P. Shalaevoj, the artist does not even remember his father: after the death of the spouses KRAMAROVA care for their son took over Leopold S. Volchek, brother Benedicts Solomonovna. Sister of Sam, Tatiana, also moved to the uncle, but the other paternal.

the Lawyer for “enemies of the people”

meanwhile, if the passing Benedicts Volchek, everything is clear, information about what happened to her husband, happy poor. So, in the edition of “100 great Russian emigrants” under the authorship of Vyacheslav Bondarenko and Catherine Castaway onlyscolese mentioned that Victor Kramarov was arrested. Even such a well-known biographer as Fedor Razzakov in his book “The good clown Yuri Nikulin and others…” reports two arrests Victor KRAMAROVA, but without any details. However, there are more meticulous authors.

for Example, Felix Medvedev, the author of the book “About Stalin without hysterics”, says that in his time Viktor Solomonovich Kramarov graduated with honors from Kiev University, and later became a famous lawyer. In the second half of 1930-ies he was engaged in the protection of defendants, as stated in the publication, the NKVD staged Affairs. Because of their profession, as well as on the basis of then existing laws, a paradox trying to find in the biographies of the accused to various extenuating circumstances. It is for this, as follows from the book Medvedev, Kramarov paid.

Two arrests and death

a More detailed history of the life of Victor KRAMAROVA were able to see Varlena Strogino journalist who wrote the book “Savely Kramarov. The son of an enemy of the people”. According Strongina, Kramarov, Sr. was first arrested in 1937 during the so-called “counter-revolutionary activities”. According to the verdict, he went to a labor camp for 8 years. And in the documents, which had a chance to see Strogino, it was stated that the sentence which Victor Kramarov was serving in Svitle (North-East camps), was calculated only from March 14, 1938.

liberty Kramarov was released in March 1946. In Moscow, he never returned and was left in the city of Biysk, where he worked as a legal consultant in the enterprise “Zagotzerno”. However, exactly 4 years Viktor Solomonovich was again “outside the law”. This time he was found guilty in participation in the SR Menshevik organization. A former lawyer, he was exiled to the town of Turukhansk, Krasnoyarsk region. According to Sergey Kapkov, the author of “Kings of Comedy”, Victor Kramarov has not made another blow of fate and killed himself.

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