The last word ataman Krasnov: what's wrong with him

History 02/02/20 Last word ataman Krasnov: what’s wrong with him

One of the most famous figures of the White movement in 1947 was sentenced to death. Shortly before Peter Krasnov was given the last word. This speech is given to many historians consider falsification. Indeed, it cannot seem strange that chieftain, who for 30 years fought the Bolsheviks, suddenly backpedaled and began to praise the Soviet power.

Emigration, captivity and execution

great don Cossack army Ataman Pyotr Nikolayevich Krasnov went from Soviet Russia in 1920. He settled in Germany. When in 1933 Hitler came to power, Krasnov, however, as pravoohranitelnye Russian immigrants, took the news with enthusiasm. Subsequently he took an active part in the war of Germany against the Soviet Union and in the organization of the Cossack camp, the Union of Cossacks in the Wehrmacht. In the Cossack camp was the Reds in 1944 when he was captured by the British. According to the author of the book “New martyrs Russian” Michael Polish, knowing what was coming close time and again urged Pyotr to leave the camp, but he refused to do it.

writes Clemens Podevils in the publication “fighting on the don and the Volga. Wehrmacht officer on the Eastern front. 1942-1943.”, Peter Krasnov, along with other Cossack officers were issued by the British, the Soviet military administration and was transferred to Moscow. Soon Petro appeared before the court. Krasnov and several others were accused of conducting armed struggle against the Soviet Union, as well as in espionage, sabotage and terrorist activities. The General was sentenced to death. Krasnov was killed on the same day, 16 January 1947. However, to speak with the last word he managed.

“Funny,” the last word

the text of the last words of Peter Krasnov leads to itsher book “Russian in the service of the Wehrmacht” George Asanovski. The author writes that Peter Nikolaevich began his speech with memories of his walk in the gala day on 7 November 1946. Then the chieftain saw the skies of his homeland, lighted streets, lots of cars. It was at this point red has realized all that he had done against his own people. “I understand absolutely clearly one: the Russian people, led by iron, steel the will of its Leader, has such achievements, which hardly anyone could dream of” – said the General. Further Krasnov added that in the evening I came to the conclusion that he has no place on this public holiday.

Asanovski calls this dying speech of Peter Krasnov “funny” and does not exclude the fact that all the defendants could be strong pressure to extract from them confessions and words like the above. Alexander Smirnov, the author of the book “Cossack ataman”, believes that everything said Krasnov is either a full surrender of the guard before the Bolsheviks, or an outright falsification. Judge for yourself, how could a military commander, more than 30 years fought with supporters of the Communist system and probably knowing that death awaits him, so dramatically change their Outlook during some sort of evening stroll.

the Arguments for and against forgery

as an indirect proof of falsification of the last words of Pyotr Krasnov to lead to the fact that the ataman of all his life was a staunch opponent of the Bolsheviks. He fought with them at home and even in exile. It Krasnova hatred to the Communists due to the position he took during the Second world war. A. V. Dzikovitsky, the author of the book “ethno-cultural history of the Cossacks”, believes that a simple betrayal to call such a position Krasnov and other Cossack impossible. Dzikovitsky brings to her work a quote from “the Proclamation P. N. Krasnov” from June 22, 1941: “I ask you to convey to all Cossacks that this is a war not against Russia, but against the Communists, Jews and their minions, trading in Russian blood”.

meanwhile, many Soviet historians often put Krasnov accused that he did not keep his word. The fact is that in may 1917 Petro was arrested, but soon, according to Oleg Shein, in his book “Russia today. Using the 100th anniversary of the great revolution”, he was released, after taking the promise that he would no longer fight against the Bolsheviks. His word red, as can be seen from the foregoing, is not kept: he fled from Petrograd to the don, where he again joined the anti-Soviet camp. However, this episode shows in favor of the version of the fake last word Krasnov on the court.

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