The Japanese wanted to attack US submarines-aircraft carriers

History 18/02/20 As the Japanese wanted to attack US submarines-aircraft carriers

the Fact that the Japanese nation is able to create the most awesome technological devices known for a long time. However, the emergence during the Second World war the Japanese submarine aircraft carrier looks fantastic, and yet they took place in reality.

it All started with pearl Harbor

the Japanese air Attack on the American naval base in the Pacific was included in all history books. That day the Americans lost 188 aircraft, many ships and more than 2,400 personnel. But as of now, the US military had not been so careless. The Japanese need to come up with something out of the ordinary, to contain the offensive of the US army. Moreover, from 1943 the Americans greatly vexed the Japanese throughout the theater of operations. In this situation, the Japanese military commanders decided to attack the California coast. There remained the question of how to implement it, since no Japanese aircraft or aircraft carriers covertly closer to the coast of the United States was simply impossible. In this situation, Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto proposed the “operation cherry blossoms at night”, and the aircraft to place on submarines.

the Miracle of technology

Most interesting is that by this time the Japanese already had experience in the field of creation of submarine – aircraft carriers. About fifty Japanese submarines had on Board light planes. However, it was not fully submarine – aircraft carrier. The seaplane was transported only by boat, but we took off and landed on water alone. Basically, these aircraft were used for reconnaissance, including before the attack on pearl Harbor. When using such seaplanes, the Japanese tried to bomb the coast of the United States, the operation was successful. But during it, the Japanese high command came to the conclusion that planes SPOable to carry only light incendiary bombs. For the massive bombing of the U.S. was quite necessary other heavy aircraft. So there was a plan to create a huge submarine aircraft carriers “Santoku”. It was planned to build 9 submarines, each with a displacement of 6500 tons, had a length of 121 meters. To move the boat would speed up to 24 knots to a distance of 70 000 km During the military use, the Japanese could attack the coast of the United States, as from the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. From the weapons on the boat were installed 8 torpedo launchers, 10 anti-aircraft guns and 140 mm gun. But most importantly, on the upper deck in a sealed hangar on the submarine was based on three b “Serian”. Went up in the air they are directly from the deck of the submarine with a catapult. Soon the first three submarines – aircraft carriers was launched.

germ attack

it was Assumed that they come to the coast of California, will release the planes that dropped on US cities bombs with plague bacilli. Planes from other submarines were supposed to bomb the Panama canal. A blow to California was scheduled for 22 September 1945. Two successful submarine out to sea and headed towards the coast of the United States. But… the Americans at that time had to bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the Emperor of Japan surrendered. About the captains of submarines have learned along the way and at the nearest port surrendered to the Americans. After the war, Japanese submarines-aircraft carriers were sunk near Hawaii.

Dmitry Sokolov

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