The Internet Fifty years ago, it was the very first message between two computers that are sent over a distance of 500 km. The computer froze, and it was reported mid-off, but it is the first-ever “on-line” communication has been a fact of life: it is somewhat of a clumsy start, for fifty years, and the internet. Let’s look back at some of the “internetfossielen” who is gone, but not forgotten.

On October 29, 1969, late at night, was a student programmer, and Charles Kline to send a message to a computer at the University of California, Los Angeles in Los Angeles, a computer that is in the vicinity of Stanford University, a 560-mile away. He’s entered “LOGIN”, but the computer has crashed, and there were only two of the letters sent out. At Stanford, appeared in “LO” appears on the screen. A little anti-climactic, but it’s also a break-through with amazing effects. The network over which the message was sent – the so-called the ARPANET – later to become the forefather of the modern internet. (And yes, later that evening, the entire message is “LOGIN” is still successfully sent and received.)

when The ARPANET was put in place as a project of the U.s. department of Defense, and primarily was looking for a way to get the information and to share resources between different research and overheidsinstituten. It was not until 1972, the ARPANET became accessible to non-academic settings, then, it has grown into a world-wide network.

twenty years later, in the early 1990s, we saw the world-wide-web in the light of the variety of web pages that have in the common parlance, usually just called “the internet” is being referred to. Here are some of the highlights without any of the cryptic message, “LO” would never have been possible.

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All, who in 2000 was to recognize the sound of a dial-up connection. The break – in and then are a symbol of the dawn of the age of the internet by consumers, but the crying was mostly irritating. On the phone while you surf on the world-wide-web? You can forget about that. It was an all-or-nothing at this time.