The IBU Cup. Pavlov second in the super sprint, archers third

concurrently with the biathlon world Cup in Italian Martell is the next stage of IBU Cup. Thursday, February 13, passed the female and male supersprint. The Russians two medals: Evgeny Pavlov – the second, Kirill Streltsov – third.

the Victory in the women’s race was won by the representative of Sweden Ingela Andersson, shot accurately and showed time 16 min. to 5.1 sec. Pavlova with accurate shooting second, Swiss Amy Baserga third. Our Victoria Slivko at the 4th place, Anna Nikulina – 7-m, Uliana Kaisheva, 8-m, Anastasia Porshnev – on the 14th, Pauline Shevnina – on the 22nd.

the strongest men became the Norwegian Vebjorn Sorum, to prevent mistakes. His time of 14 min. to 51.1 seconds. German Simon Schempp on the 2nd place, archers – on 3. Another Russian Vasily Tomshin rounded out the Top 10, Karim Khalili, the 20th, Dmitry Ivanov – the 25th.