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Investigator Varta Naumova (Yuliya Abdel Fattakh) and her colleague Maksim Shumov (Pyotr Rykov) must find the children, one by one disappearing. Could the “Church of the Immaculate Nativity” be behind the kidnappings? Their manhunt drives the police officer through the underworld and shadow worlds, the series does not spare its audience with disturbing to shocking images.

Among all the lost and written off, Varta and Maksim hardly stand out. Both have had traumatic experiences in their lives, in their youth, which is why the case affects them on a deeper level. Varta was raped and pregnant as a student. She gave the child up for adoption. Maksim’s father still blames his son for the younger son’s death. The father, a former police chief, drinks and is in a wheelchair. Author Simor Glasenko shows people in the desperation of their existence, escape and escape seem to be blocked, people treat each other rough to brutal and the fact that corruption has eaten deep into the police and judiciary immerses the scenery in an even more oppressive light. Director Iryna Gromozda assembles an ensemble of battered people, fifty shades of gray.

Yuliya Abdel Fattakh and Pyotr Rykov facet their characters into tough police officers and people lost in themselves. There’s no loud play, there are gestures of helplessness and a willingness to use violence, life has haunted a woman and a man who can’t get a grip on each other – and maybe never will.

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But, and this is where the topicality comes into play: giving up doesn’t count. Not in this fiction, not in the besieged, bombed country, not with these people.