The environment of Celebrities, such as Bill Gates and Paris Hilton to produce 10,000 times as much CO2 from air travel than the average person. That said, the Swedish researcher Stefan Gössling. He took to their social media accounts to find out where they lived and how they had travelled to.

the Gates and the Hilton, it has been estimated that, in 2017, accounting for up to more than 1,600, and nearly 1,300 tons of CO2 emissions generated by air travel. The average emission per inhabitant of the world is about 100 kilograms, according to Gössling, who is affiliated with the University of Lund.

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as The figures suggest, according to him, a big gap in CO2 emissions between the rich and the poor. – The total CO2 emission of the average human being in 2018, and less than 5 tonnes, with significant individual differences. Flying is the most energy consuming activity in a very short space of time a lot of energy is needed.

For the study, the activities of André Schürrle, Bill Gates, Emma Watson, Felix von der laden, Jennifer Lopez, coco Chanel, Mark Zuckerberg, Meg Whitman, Oprah Winfrey, and Paris Hilton.

The top 3 of the veelvliegers in 2017 consists of, Jennifer Lopez (77 flights), Paris Hilton (68 routes) and Bill Gates (59 flights). Emma Watson and Karl Lagerfeld stepped up to be the least likely to be in the plane, respectively, 14 and 16. The Gates flew mostly international, Said in the united states, and Chanel in Europe.