The TV With “Geub’, ‘Grenslanders’, ‘Callboys’ and ‘Alex & Chantal, throw, One, FOUR, and a) VTM at the start of the autumn weather, a lot of their own fictiereeksen on the screen. With a moderate success, or so it seems, at first sight, because it is live, there are no pots to be broken. And still get the fictiereeksen just fine, thanks to delayed marriage).

all The times for everyone on Sunday night for the tv, crawled up so that you don’t miss out on the ‘Cop’, ‘red-handed’ and ‘Witse’ is over. To Live is to be there anymore miljoenenscores is noted for the Flemish fictiereeksen. And yet-do Geub’, ‘Callboys’ and ‘Innocence & Now’ in terms of viewer ratings this fall, no problem. Downright good, in fact.

‘Gina & Now’