While a vaccine against the COVID or 19 for at least a year, it may take some time, can be research on drugs, and anti-viral drugs earlier would be a solution. They post the most encouraging results have been obtained in the laboratory, and in the meantime, the first tests on people have also have begun. Should we rejoice or is it too early?

One of the experimental drugs, which will be available for the seriously ill and coronapatiënten the virusremmer remdesivir. The way it was originally in development as an anti-ebolamedicijn, but was wondering since there are other means of better, proved to work against the disease. Now you can remdesivir may still have an important role to play in the fight against the COVID-19-the virus.

Eric Cutter is a virologist is in order, at the Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC). He used it in his laboratory at the infectieproeven in celkweekmodellen. “It’s the best of what we have, but it should not be seen as a cure-all,” he said in a call with NU.nl.

the Dutch hospitals remdesivir since the start of this week to apply for the Us-based manufacturer Gilead. Yet, should the doctors, the medication will only be provided to the severely ill coronapatiënten who are on a ventilator are located and whose bodies have not yet been cut off.

For some people, it may end badly’ < / p> Until now, only the American and Italian patients reported to have recovered after the use of the remdesivir. In China, research is going on, “but I’m still waiting for the first results to,” says Cutter.

the Tests in the celkweekschaaltjes to give good results, “but it is of some cultured cells for the treatment of people is a major step forward,” says virologist is in order. “Furthermore, the patients are usually in all the different stages of the disease, and this variation makes it more difficult to effect a reliable measure.”

in Addition, it can be not each and every seriously ill and coronapatiënt remdesivir, because there is always a control group is required is that the medication will not be given, places a Torch from it. “It seems to me that doctors can be very hard to make these choices to be made, because, you know, that for some people, it could come to an end.”