The first championship of League of fighting Sambo: the bouts were watched by the President

In Sochi hosted the first ever international forum of the League of combat Sambo. This is self-defense without weapons.

the arena “Ice cube”, where in 2015 the world championship was held in Curling, meets fans Sambo. And, it seems, now the Championships will be held constantly. Start the first tournament gives the President of Russia.

Vladimir Putin is watching the fight in Sambo every year. In this case, the opinion of a professional. The President — the category of the master of sports on judo, the ninth gift in Taekwondo. On the carpet — 14 best Junior athletes, prize-winners of superiority of Russia. This is the first ever League championship in combat Sambo.

unlike sport Sambo and in combat all the harder. Allowed not only the shots but also the shots. But an important principle of the new League, “lying is not beaten” in contrast to the MMA fights in Sambo will be adhered to strictly.

the First ever championship held in the year of the 75th anniversary of the Victory and on the eve of February 23. The date will be the date of birth of the new League.

the Declaration was signed in Sochi, attended by representatives of more than 10 national federations of Sambo. For example, Columbia is pretty young, she’s 16 years old only. But more broadly, the pan American Championships Sambo tournaments were held in the 70-ies.

“Sambo absorbed various kinds of Asian martial arts have their own philosophy. But Sambo has its own philosophy,” said Omar Lopera, President Sambo Federation of Colombia.

Sambo is considered a young form of martial arts — the official date of his birth — 1938. However, everything began to emerge in the 20-ies. In this sense, Sambo is not much younger than same of judo, which came just 40 years before in Japan.

the Creators of Sambo are considered to be three: Victor Spiridonov, Anatoly Harlampiev, Vasily Oshchepkov. They are in the early Soviet Union began to popularize martial arts. Oshchepkov all of your skills acquired not anywhere, but in Tokyo she studied under the founder of judo Kano Jigoro.

at First Sambo was a weapon, almost secret, taught the soldiers of the red army and the NKVD. Training paratroopers in 1942. After the war, the struggle has moved to the masses, gained worldwide fame. In 1972, in Riga was held the first European championship.

About this time the first serious results in Sambo and judo shows Vladimir Putin. His then sparring partner Arkady Rotenberg recalls the future President was a few dangerous tricks.

“he had the best kicks, which he did best. Front footrest and a number of such actions. Of course, if relaxed, and gave him the grip, he could throw. The danger was,” — said Rotenberg.

And in the 80th Sambo was supposed to turn into the regular Olympic program, but not included. However, it all had to do with events in Afghanistan, and the Olympic games in Moscow were boycotted by 65 countries. The issue with the Olympic status of wrestling has been postponed. For a very long time. Now Sambo has been recognized by the International Olympic Committee.

the First ever League championship in combat Sambo held in the arena “Ice cube” in the Olympic Park. By 2022 sports facility rekonstruiruet. He will become the Academy of martial arts, which will host the competitions in Sambo and judo.