Science is A very tasty experiment can be launched to the International Space Station (ISS): the astronauts are going to have a toaster oven in order to bake cookies. The aircraft departed on Saturday from the Us state of Virginia, and is now in the international space station is to be taken.

Astronauts on board the ISS will be testing the ruimtekoekjes’ look. Among other things, consideration of whether the environment has an effect on the consistency of the cookies.

the so-called ” Zero-G can be Considered as the Space Oven you can only have one cookie at the same time, be prepared. A small ball of dough is put in a special holder, since the dough is on the cookie sheet, it would continue to be due to the lack of gravity. This is likely to have the cookie and, therefore, rather in the form of a cylinder or a sphere. It is, by the way, the all-American “chocolate chip cookies” is a cookie with chunks of dark chocolate.

According to the chain of hotels, the DoubleTree by Hilton, which is in the dough provides, it would be an experiment to show how space travel and the term “better” can be used.

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from the space that is in the oven, to the space station, will be sitting at a total of more than 3 tons of equipment for the spacewalks and other experiments as well. Thus, it sent the Italian car maker Lamborghini, also, for example, pieces of carbon fibre for the space. The car manufacturer might want to look into how the components will be influenced by the exposure to the area.