the Fact that a lot of cinemas are currently closed, you can edit the video not be shown. While this is one of the key requirements is to have a chance to win a Golden Globe award. That is why the jury, as the rules changed, even without a release could be a movie, a chance to win the prestigious award.

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) Thursday announced, the demand, at least up to and including april 30, to begin, but this period may be extended if the need arises.

that would be common to the of the nineties of the jury members of the HFPA, in a cinema or a theatre, invite you to a screening of the film, it is now sufficient to have a download link or a dvd to be sure.

there is Also an exception has been made in the way in which the film is made available to the general public. Normally it should have potential for participating in the films for at least seven days in theaters in and around Los Angeles, but it may be that the film was at first scheduled to be released on the streaming service.

at This, the HFPA and the movies that will be released during the coronacrisis just as fair a chance as the film is to be released if there is no action to it.