The farmer gave in coronavirus 11 tons of vegetables in his farm salaries up to 50 thousand and carrots for feet

Shakir Suleymanov during coronavirus already gave to needy Novosibirsk more than 11 tons of vegetables. He has a huge potato fields in the Horde district. There he grows carrots at two feet, pumpkins up to 49 kilograms, cabbage and other vegetables. When he started his vegetable business in Siberia, and then he didn’t even have shovels. Now Shakira Suleymanov 3,000 hectares of land for growing vegetables and grains. The Chinese are buying it buckwheat to make alcohol, and for PepsiCo it will grow crisping potatoes. This farmer bought in America on the sprinklers for 18 million rubles. Correspondent NGS Elena Guryanov went to the farm Shakira “gifts of the Ordynsk” look at the miracle of technology. Why the farmer was not afraid of Siberia and how his farm is in our report.