The best part of the web of An American woman who has a burning smell is noticed, once they are at home, in her car, left, placed it quickly on the side and got out of it. Under the hood, waiting for her to be a surprise. Squirrels have had it for a stock blocked, at least 200 of walnuts.

the Holy Persic, from Pittsburgh, in the US, it was the Monday just gone, it was a burning smell is noticed, and the strange sounds that was supposed to be. She called her husband, who is her advice to find the hood to be opened. There was a woman tucked away in all corners, and at least 200, walnuts, and lots of grass.

“They were everywhere,” says her husband, Chris. “Under its battery, a fan, … for the nuts on the engine were scorched and black. It seemed as if they were nearly roasted to.”