Travel for The vacation of a 40-year-old Belgian, is in Egypt and has turned out to be a nightmare. “His face is half-paralyzed. He may be one of the eye is difficult to close, and to lose strength in the arm,” says the brother of the victim, on the French-language-RTL. The family wants to be the man as quickly as possible, to Belgium, to return home, but do not have the green light from the insurance company.

About a week ago, the forty-something divers in a panic attack. Since then, spent, he’s spent most of his holiday in his bed, in his hotel room. In between, he visited various medical doctors. “In the beginning, he had only a headache,” says his brother. “But then it got to his mouth, half-paralyzed, he had trouble getting the eye to close, and he was losing strength in one arm.”

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After a couple of days and have been bed-ridden, to be asked by the family to have their insurer, Axa, to bring him back to Belgium to return home. “But for now, they are refusing”, said the elder brother of the victim.