The belgian Football Former Anderlecht-manager and football agent, Herman Van leuven luc van wassenhoven denies any involvement in corruption, but will remain a night in the cells. It was this morning arrested at his home, and today, spending hours being questioned by detectives from the federal criminal investigation department. The interviews are going to be continued tomorrow, and Van leuven luc van wassenhoven to-morrow, perhaps, for the judge to appear.

The arrest Of leuven luc van wassenhoven, this morning, after the interrogation, and the arrest of a football agent, Christophe Henrotay, yesterday. He was often out of his bed, arrested, and is suspected of being a miljoenenfraude in the transfer of some of the Anderlechtspelers. Especially, in the transfer of Aleksandar Mitrovic and Chancel Mbemba during the summer of 2015, will be called. The case file is separate from the “Operation Zero”, and the research in the area of activity of players ‘ agent Mogi Bayat and Dejan Veljkovic in October 2018 and has led to a series of house raids and arrests in the voetbalmilieu.

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all The people took in Monaco, luxury cars, a yacht and two apartments, seized by, and allowed a total of seven million euros in a lock on the accounts. At the same time, fell to the people in London, in an office, Henrotay, and in two places in Liège, belgium. In addition, it was Henrotays right-hand man and brother-in-law, Christophe Cheniaux is picked up and held. Both of them were under the arrest warrant and suspicion for money laundering, public corruption, forgery, and bendevorming. Yesterday, it was Herman Van leuven luc van wassenhoven is picked up for questioning, as the officers wanted to find out if he has a role to play in the alleged fraud.

Previously, all searches take place in the training center of the club, at Neerpede, in the centre of RSC Anderlecht, at the head office of the Royal Belgian Football association (belgian football association) in the Cap and in Space, with a makelaarsbureau.

Van leuven luc van wassenhoven, denies

Herman Van leuven luc van wassenhoven, denies that he was involved in corruption and commissions. That said, his lawyer Daniel Spreutels Thursday night at the come out of the buildings of the belgian federal police in Brussels, belgium.According to the Spreutels works Of leuven luc van wassenhoven “I’d love to join in the investigation,” and denies that he has any involvement in corruption and commissions.“Here you will spend the night, it is, of course, don’t like it, but my client has no problem with it, ‘ a mess of it.