Mile Certainly is the two thousand people in a Court of justice on the Rhode in Purchase yesterday in a final salute to Marieke Vervoort. It was a very emotional goodbye, but there was a lot of positivism. She was, obviously, for many people an example of courage and determination. Today is Wielemie burial. The ceremony this morning, the live coverage on

A film crew from New York was present to see the last message in the view. “We have followed Mary for many years”, say the Band, was not clear. “What they have accomplished in sports and in mental health, it is very, very special. We will have to work closely to meet and talk with her, and she told us that she was ready to say good-bye. We hope that with our film, in her life and what she meant to so many people, good in order to be able to bring in. There has been quite a bit of footage available, and that the coming year will have to be made.”