The doctors offered safe medicine at affordable prices

health Care includes not only seeking medical help from professionals, but also the opportunity to be seen in a safe environment. Network of medical centers “UZI studiya” protection of patients above all else. The most important security measures is the protection and disinfection.

Prophylactic disinfection is carried out daily, it includes measures of personal hygiene of staff handling areas special equipment, air disinfection. Doctors treated with ultrasound sensors among the techniques for diagnosis and treatment uses sterile disposable protective equipment and diagnostic kits.

If you have a need for routine examination, during pregnancy or in cases of chronic diseases, you can always have them online medical centers “ultrasound Studio” by appointment only. In centres you can receive healthcare service in a relaxed atmosphere under conditions of social distancing.

For the convenience of patients, there appeared the possibility of re techniques to spend on the phone, this will reduce in-person doctor visits, but at the same time to obtain the necessary advice. Details you can check by phone: (383) 363-22-11.