The doctor told me about the benefits of fitness bracelets and smart watch

cardiologist Konstantin Ivanov has told about what are the benefits of the fitness bracelets and smart watches. Gadgets help to lose weight, monitor physical activity of their owners. However, many people still believe myths and fears related to these devices, according to RIA Novosti.

So, people are afraid that using a fitness bracelet can be watched. Gadget really keeps track of the location of the host and can transmit data on it, but this feature can easily be disabled in settings, said the doctor.

Myth number two: “smart” gadgets “radiate”. Dr. Ivanov has compared these concerns with the fear of falling of a meteorite and added that research, speaking about the dangers of radiation from wristbands and smart watches and trackers no.

In fact, the fitness bracelets and smart watches can bring huge health benefits. They measure pressure, phase of sleep, blood sugar and heart rate, helping doctors. Dr. Ivanov pointed out another useful feature: gadgets make health care a sort of game. To follow a diet or take a daily ten thousand steps easier when it’s a game, the results of which also can share with family and friends.