Weapons 30/01/20 Yulia Popova”the Discoverer of tin cans”: what the Germans so called self-propelled gun ISU-152

the Nazis, however, as red army soldiers, were often awarded to Soviet guns and equipment all sorts of nicknames. Most of these nicknames was driven not by a desire to make fun of the weapons of the enemy. So, the fighter I-16, the Germans and the pilots of General Franco dubbed the “rat” not because these animals are cunning and meanness.


the single-engine Soviet fighters I-16 in many respects inferior in speed and armament of German aircraft. However, they did. No wonder even Russian pilots called them affectionately the “donkeys”. However, among the Germans and the troops of General Franco the I-16 was known by the nickname “rata” – rat. According to the author of the book “Russian giant KV-1. The legend of the 41st year,” Mr Paranin, the opponents have put into this great word from the Russian meaning. In the eyes of the enemies “rata” looked more like a swift and dangerous predator. The fact that the maneuver “donkeys” had the extraordinary vertkost and never shied away from a fight.

in a Certain respect enjoyed by the Germans and the Il-2, created by designer Sergey Ilyushin. No wonder the Germans gave this plane so many nicknames. If you believe the author of the book “On the technique of” Viacheslav Lixo, machine gun fire and sometimes shells simply bounced off the Soviet attack, that the enemy dubbed him “iron Gustav”. In addition, Il-2 was called “the butcher” and “black death”. But for its clumsiness, as the authors of the book “the Black death” Dmitry Degtev and Dmitry Zubov, the attack was nicknamed “cementoma”.


the Combat vehicle rocket launchers BM-13, the red army was called “Katyusha”, but the Germans gave this gun a very different nickname. According to the author of the publication “Malgobeksky Bastion. The turning point of the battle for the Caucasus”, Russian “Katyusha” soldiers of the Third Reich dubbed “Stalin’s organs” by analogy with a musical instrument. This is not surprising: not only that, BM-13 he looked like a body, and their missiles have published a very “melodic” howl.

But the 76-mm divisional gun model 1942 ZIS-2 was making a very different sound, thanks to which, in fact, got its nickname from the Germans. Artem Drabkin, author of “the fight against “Tigers”, reports that the ZIS-2 enemies was renamed “ratch-boom” due to the fact that the projectile hit the target faster than could hear the sound of a gunshot.

Tanks and self-propelled

meanwhile, judging by the number of nicknames derived from the German troops, special respect from the enemy was used by the Soviet tanks. So, the BT-7 tank, which the soldiers in my own way was called “bataiskoe”, the Nazis dubbed the “Mickey mouse”. The authors of the book “Tanks” Dmitry Sherbakov and Oleg Antipov write that this nickname was associated with the appearance of the tank with open hatches, which really resembled mouse ears.

A Soviet self-propelled gun ISU-152 already was not playful nickname. Even the red army soldiers referred to her respectfully and sternly “hunter”. At least so say the authors of the book “Tanks of the great Patriotic war” Vyacheslav Lixo and Oleg Doroshkevich. The Germans called the ISU-152 the “opener of cans”. Under “cans” the Germans meant their tanks.

With more light tank T-60, the Nazis also had to be considered. Sure Michael Buryat, author of the encyclopedia “All the tanks of the USSR”. “Locusts” the car the Germans really nicknamed for its small size. However, the publication of “Tanks 1916-1945” by A. A. Bystrova clarifies that the noun “locust” the Germans always added the adjective “indestructible”.

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