The Director Kirill Serebrennikov has received conditional term for swindle with budget money

In the Meshchansky court of Moscow over the sentencing of the Director Kirill Serebrennikov and the defendants in the case, “the Seventh Studio”, accused of embezzlement of budget 129 million. The reading of the sentence lasted more than five hours. Serebrennikov was convicted of embezzlement and sentenced to three years probation. The court also appointed him an additional penalty of a ban on the management of cultural institutions.

Together with the Director defendants were three more people. It was the producers Yuri Itin and Alex Malopolski and ex-employee of the Ministry of culture Sofia Apfelbaum. The judge Medeleeva recognized Serebrennikov, head of the criminal group, rashitivau public money. According to her, created a criminal group clearly distributed roles. While Apfelbaum did not know about the criminal intent and “was misled Serebrennikov”.