The details of the death of the taxi driver from Novosibirsk, who was found dead

may 29, in the city of Rubtsovsk of Altai Krai buried 34-year-old taxi driver Uber Andrew Gureeva. May 10, a man told his wife that he needed to leave urgently on Affairs in Krasnoyarsk, sat on the Hyundai Solaris with the words Uber, and more it nobody saw. After three weeks of searching, the body of taxi driver found in the river Kamianka — 50 kilometers from his hometown. To shore divers pulled the knife with the fingerprints of Andrew Gureeva. Nearby abandoned car. Officially the police say about a possible accident, but the family Gureeva investigators said bluntly — it was a suicide. Why relatives do not believe that he could die voluntarily, and met the taxi driver for a few hours before his death — in the material browser criminal Alyona Istomina.