The death of the manufacturer: who ordered the murder of red commander

History 27/01/20 the death of the manufacturer: who ordered the murder of red commander

When in the late 60’s after the exhumation of the remains of the red commander Schorsa was declassified data of the medical examination, began to gain popularity the version that he was murdered by his own associates. Why for decades the Soviet authorities concealed the true circumstances of the death of red commander?

Trotsky trail

According to one popular version, Shchors was killed on the orders of Trotsky, who did not like “recalcitrant” commanders. Alexander Kusemisov in the article “Krask Shors: the mystery of death the mystery of glory” gives examples of eliminating willful commissioners and leaders of the red Cossacks.

The fateful day after Shchors allegedly refused to comply with several orders to the army leadership, to it on sent Seeds Aralova member of the revolutionary military Council and confidant of Trotsky. After 3 hours, Aralov was sent to Trotsky with the request “to find a new division commander”, but only Russian, as “Ukrainians one and all with kulak mood” (we will remind that the Ukrainian Schors commanded the 1st Soviet Ukrainian division). In response, Trotsky instructed to clean the ranks and a “refresh” command structure, abandoning the policy of reconciliation. The coded message contained the following: “Good by any measure, and should start from the head.”

Accepting this version as true, it is easy to understand the reasons for the contract killing of Shchorsa was given for the death from the bullet of the Petliurists. In favor of concealment of evidence is the fact that no proceedings were not conducted, and the body of Shchors had been hastily and unceremoniously buried in a zinc coffin in Kuibyshev (now Samara).

eyes Closed

5 days before the tragedy in the 44th infantry division, headed by Ivan Oak joined division Shchorsa. Their powers Oak gave Shchors. It is likely that this was not delighted neither the Oak nor the “backbone” of his division.

In this case intentional the murder of the University or his tragic death from a stray bullet, it turns out Oak on hand. He, as a witness turns a blind eye to tragedy when the first is near the wounded Shchors. Moreover, seeing the wound and that the bullet entered through the back of his head, he perebintovany the wound and does not allow you to remove the bandage even regimental nurse Anna Rosenblum. Not for you to make as few witnesses saw what happened in reality?

In 1937, the authorities removed the unwanted witness. Promoted to Commissar of the Kharkiv Oak was arrested and accused in the Trotskyite conspiracy and executed. Although Oak has written in 30-ies a book of memoirs, he could not personally confirm or deny allegations made three decades later.


According to one version, it was the Oak could be the person who shot Shchors. It is difficult to talk about the reasons: sang Lee Oak “order” at the top or tried to keep career opportunities and to eliminate a popular rival.

In the interrogation of December 3, 1937 Oak has made a shocking confession, saying that she killed Shchors “because of personal hatred and desire to take his place.” The suspicions against Oak expressed in March 1938 and Kazimir Quantec – the commander of the 388 th infantry regiment, which at the time of the tragedy was near. From Lefortovo prison he was sent to the people’s Commissar Yezhov incriminating paper with accusations against the Oak.

Unreliable furnished

There is another option: if we accept that the bullet was fired from someone disgruntled soldiers, the commander of Oak was trying to stabilize the situation. Perhaps he was afraid of a repetition of the rebellion the rebels Nijinsky brigade, which was part of the 44th division and two months earlier, refused to obey the orders of the command.

Disarmament “of nejentsev” and their execution was led by Shchors, who at that time was not a division commander of the 44th, therefore, remaining in the ranks of the soldiers might have a new commander tooth. In this case, the Oak’s just a hid the truth to prevent another soldier of the rebellion, because rebellion, the red army had enough.

Ukrainian Chapaev

Despite the achievements, during the life of Shchors was not a legend. The famous hero of it did in the late 30’s. And the message sent by none other than “father of Nations”. After the release of the film “Chapaev” Stalin recommended that Dovzhenko look Ukrainian counterpart and called the name of Shchorsa.

Knowing about the key role of Stalin in creating the legend does not seem surprising classification results of the exhumation conducted in 1949 on the orders of the Kremlin. Dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the death of the hero the search of the grave in Samara, and the reburial of the remains just could not be accompanied by publication of the shocking details of his death. But it was the 60s, after the exposure of Stalin’s personality cult in 1956.


given the fact that the cause of the glorification of St became the direct orders of Stalin, it becomes clear why in those years were not announced Trotskyist trail. Despite the fact that during the Stalin era in the light floated a crime of Trotsky, it is likely that the concealment of the assassination involuntarily contributed to Stalin himself. Or rather, fear of disappointing the leader of the hard-hitting facts of death “created an idol.”

Biography from the wormhole

In favor of the version of concealing the truth about the death of the national hero, created by decree of Stalin, said the adjustment of the official biography of the famous commander. The pioneers were told that the son of a worker, the railroad has devoted himself to the Revolution, and only after 60 years, there was an alternative biography, which indicated that Shchors was born into the kulak family, and the dream of his youth was the service of God.

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