The death of the first commandant of Berlin Nikolai Berzarin: what were the questions

History 13/01/20 the Death of the first commandant of Berlin Nikolai Berzarin: what were the questions

the Commander of the 5th shock army Nikolai Berzarin managed to be in the position of first commandant of Berlin just a few weeks. However, in such a short time he managed to win the respect of the Berliners. With him the children began to give free milk, earned theatres and schools. Who knows, whatever else the merits Berzarina remembered today, the Germans, if not for his absurd death.

the First in Berlin

Nikolai Berzarin Erastovich commanded the 5th shock army from may 1944. It was the men of Berzarina, as written in his book “East Wind”, Alexander Mikhailovsky and Alexander Chernikov, in April 1945, stormed the government quarter of Berlin and hoisted over the Reichstag Victory Banner. Three days after this momentous event Marshal Zhukov, “given the successful progress of the 5th army, and particularly the outstanding personal qualities of its commander”, Berzarin was appointed to the position of the first Soviet commandant of Berlin.

If you believe the author of the book “All the myths about the Second World war. “The unknown war”, the historian Boris Sokolov, his first order of Nikolai Berzarin issued on the same day, 28 April 1945. First and foremost, the population was ordered to keep order and peace. However, their further actions Berzarin convince Berliners that the new administration didn’t want to hurt them. Nikolai Erastovich ordered to sick children and newborn babies free milk. For the 54 days that he ran the city, reopened theaters and schools, working radio. It is not surprising that to say goodbye to Berzarina came several thousand grateful citizens.

Fatal collision

41-year-old Nikolai Berzarin died 16 Jun 1945 in a car crash on schloßstraße. As mentioned in the book of Anatoly Tereshchenko “soldiers of the red Empire. Guru of SMERSH”, at 8 o’clock in the morning Berzarin inYahel German motorcycle “Zündapp KS 750” with a sidecar, in which sat orderly by the name of Poles, the location of the headquarters of the army. At this time the street was moving convoy of trucks. At some point Berzarin, apparently lost control and crashed into one of the passing cars. The commandant of Berlin and his passenger were killed instantly.

that was the official version of what happened. At least, so explained the circumstances of the death Berzarina in his appeal to Stalin Marshal Zhukov and Lieutenant General Telegin. The text of the letter of Zhukov and Telegin used the word “apparently” which suggests that remain unclear or perhaps non-public the real causes of the accident. It “apparently” has generated a lot of rumors and legends around the death of the commandant Nikolai Berzarin.

Accident or murder?

Many researchers looked suspicious, and the phrase that Nikolai Berzarin has not coped with management. The fact that the captain was an avid motorcyclist. This was mentioned on the pages of his book “Berlin: fun capital or From the Reichstag to the kebab” and Sergej Sumlenny. In addition, Peter Yang, Director of the German-Russian Museum in Berlin, who literally devoted his life to the investigation of the death of Berzarina, argues that the commandant was drunk, however, as the driver of the truck, and no columns of trucks did not exist. Motorcycle Nicholas Erastovich, according to eyewitnesses, just a stone crashed into the curb. Perhaps such unpleasant details just “cut out” from the biography Berzarina?

However, if you believe Nikolai Sushko, author of the book “Clan of Chekhov: the idols of the Kremlin and the Reich”, there is a version that Berzarina removed fighters “the Werewolf”, that is, the German militias, continued to fight with their opponents even at the end of the war. Vladimir Kuchin, referring to the publication “Werewolf. The brown shards of Empire” F. Ruth, according to the pages of his book “the world wave history from 1890 to 1913” that version of the accident was announced by the Soviet authorities in order not to cause panic in the ranks of the red army.

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