The crash of the train near Novosibirsk: why Stalin hid the death of 110 people

History 14/01/20 the Crash of the train near Novosibirsk: why Stalin hid the death of 110 people

the Period of reconstruction after the victory in the great Patriotic war was not easy. Broken infrastructure and way of life have led to major accidents and even disasters. One such incident was the crash of the train near Novosibirsk in 1946, which caused the death of about 110 people.

it all started

the Young engineer Nikolay Skulkin with an assistant, Mikhail Yegorov worked at the locomotive ФД20-1707. At 9 am on 6 December, the brigade was reassigned. Skulkina with a partner was to lead the coal train to the station “Chulym”. After completing this task from the duty station, it was reported that the locomotive crew should quickly clear the steam from the slag and to prepare the return. Until the evening, people worked without rest and went back in the darkness.

According to information from the article Yevgeny Kovalev, a freight train was slow, and behind him, followed by Express train No6 “Negoreloye-Minsk-Moscow-Omsk – Manchuria”. To skip it, the station chick freight train stood on the siding. After proceeded courier, cargo has returned to the route.

But there, at the station Ob had a hitch associated with the replacement of the locomotive and the attendant at the station blocked the entrance semaphore for the game. Courier, before reaching the station, stopped at a forbidding signal. Meanwhile, a freight train came closer and closer, they drove to the hill and began the descent. With tired drivers, under the force of inertia at a speed of about 50 km/h it crashed into the passenger.

Implications and conclusions

About the night’s events knew almost no one in the country. In the morning people woke up and went to work, and about 133 wounded were in the hospital. The death of 110 people, the authorities have repressed.

the case has attracted the attention of Stalin. In 1993, journalist Evgeny Kovalev in the article “the Trail of the forgotten disaster” was the first to describe this event: “the Misfortune with train No. 6 reached Stalin. Apparently, to understand this incident, the leader realized that the labor organization on the Railways, hitherto, no good, and ordered the release of the driver N. Skulkin and his accomplices under arrest.”

So, Stalin didn’t just conceal the tragedy from the public, but made findings and adopted measures to continue to prevent a similar situation. Order No 2164 “the unfavorable situation with road safety and about measures on strengthening of discipline in railway transport”, which was released in 1951 and was repealed in 1971.

Olga Novikova

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