The court decided that the NSPU teacher raped a student and forced to refute defamatory information. Published a refutation

the Article “He started with me to take my pants off”: a student of NSPU accused the teacher of rape”, published on the website on 30 April 2019, is removed by court order. Information on what Artem G. Shabanov was committed rape of female students of NSPU M. M. (name changed at her request), the court recognized as not corresponding to reality, discrediting the honour, dignity and business reputation of the City of Artem Shabanov.

however, the editors of NGS draws readers ‘ attention to the fact that is completely untrue, the fact of the existence of charges of a student to address a teacher, and that the editors of NGS addressed the students of NSPU with a complaint against a teacher. Student, title of the material, “M.”, reported that information in the complaint to the rector of NSPU, when giving explanations to the police and in the Railway court at the hearing on the claim Shabanova. The student was questioned in court and personally confirmed the information previously reported in the edition of NGS. The court, however, ordered us to remove the material completely, probably considering that we have no right to publish the story of the girl about the incident once the criminal case has not been instituted.