In Machelen, The inhabitants of the ever-Hansoulstraat in Jette to have a sleepless night, and sat on it. As a contractor, which shook the whole neighborhood wakes up when he’s at 3.30 pm the concrete started to pour at a construction site. According to the municipality, and asked the contractor to any different license, so that he will be in violation of wash. “If this is the case, then there will be charges that occurred”, and what it sounds like.

the Rotating concrete mixers, and drivers of lorries and the roar and the tumult of the workers, the residents of the ever-Hansoulstraat in Machelen, in the night from Monday to Tuesday, less than an eye’s locked up by the hustle and bustle on a construction site where apartments are being built. “At 3.30 p.m. lap and all of a sudden I wake up a lot of noise,” says Sarah, Deprins, which is right next to the yard to live in. “Our children – one is 8 months and he’s 7-years-old, were in an instant. Initially, we thought that it was a delivery of building materials went up, because a few weeks ago, and that was the case. As it was the day after a half-hour is over, but now there remained but to take. So we decided to have a look and saw that the contractor, and the concrete of the deposit was made. The neighborhood was in advance of not to be informed. It’s an outrage. Also, let the contractor know that he is in the next few nights, the concrete shall meet.”