The consequences of the hurricane and other news of Novosibirsk: the online chronicle of 27 may

Novosibirsk come Wednesday — the middle of working and, as I hope many citizens, the last week in a mode of self-isolation. Talk about scandalous parties gave way to discussions of consequences that hit the city of hurricane. But the news of the coronavirus do not lose their relevance. What will this medium in statistics oberstab? What is the number of cases reveal over the past day?

everything we’ll cover in our broadcast. And you join us — tell us what unusual, interesting or outrageous you see on the streets. And share with us personal stories and thoughts on the coronavirus — when, in your opinion, will we reach the plateau? What is the reason for spikes in the number of infected? How you spent these two months of isolation: strictly observe the regime or gave concessions? Expect photos and videos to editorial mail or +7 923 157-00-00 (all instant messengers).