The city bald: 7 places in Novosibirsk, where until recently there were trees — now they do not know (see for yourself)

Residents of Novosibirsk are increasingly complaining about mass felling or pruning of trees.

First near the Playground at Derzhavin, 10 demolished the tall maples and willows. Then plantations began to destroy some of the Siberian state University of water transport. The information appeared that the cutting of the University is carried out in order to clear the area for a new skyscraper, which further stirred Novosibirsk. Later in the city hall explained that the cut of emergency trees, and the building on the site is prohibited. But such a reaction on the part of Novosibirsk on the destruction of the green — revealing. People worry that the city will soon be without greenery. And for good reason.