The chieftain Suffers: who fought against Ukrainian revolutionary

History 04/01/20 Chieftain Suffers: who fought against Ukrainian revolutionary

Some historians argue that the army ataman of the Green (combat name Daniel Suffers) was even warships. The authority of Green began to grow on the wave of protest against the government of Hetman Skoropadsky in the Ukraine during the Civil war.

What was he doing before the Civil war

According to the data presented by the writer Viktor Savchenko in the book about the hundred most famous anarchists and revolutionaries, the exact date of birth unknown Daniel Suffers, it is either 1886 or 1889. Place of birth – the village of Trypillia in Kyiv province. Savchenko and Ukrainian historian, author of “the Chieftain Green” Roman Koval, indicate that in the early centuries, after the events of 1905, Suffers as an active participant in anti-government actions and anarchist exiled to Siberia.
Viktor Savchenko writes that after the Amnesty in honor of the 300th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty, the future chieftain of the Green came home, then participated in the First world war. The October revolution was supported, after demobilization from the front in his village became the organizer of the social democratic cell.

As the Bear became the chieftain of the Green

As pointed out by Viktor Savchenko, turning Daniel Suffers the chieftain of the Green occurred in the summer of 1918, when under the banner of the new leader of peasant resistance began to gather opponents of the seizure of power in Ukraine by the invaders and the former tsarist Lieutenant-General, and now “Hetman of all Ukraine” Pavlo Skoropadsky. Green smashed and the Hetman’s units, and local landowners, and the German troops. Captured drowned in the river along with the bodies of their comrades. Soon they “smoothed out” from the “official” government itself Tripoli and nearby towns.
Ataman Green has teamed up with Petliura in November 1918, the Bear was already 2 thousand soldiers from among the peasants, and this Union was calledbe the Dnieper rebel division.

the adventures of Bear-Green

In mid-December 1918 the division chieftain Green speakers already 6 thousand soldiers, together with Petlyura captured Kiev and knocked out units Skoropadsky. Some time “green” was part of the Kiev garrison formed. And among the soldiers of ataman spent their free propaganda, the Bolsheviks (and in the Kiev “green” was part of under the red flag, with the Bolshevik slogans).
Soon, between Petlyura and Green, there was a serious conflict – Petlyura would like to send the division Suffers to help the West Ukrainian people’s Republic in Galicia, as Green and his comrades turned to his native Tripoli. In the end, he subdued a number of areas, and in fact led the Dnieper self-proclaimed independent Republic, stipulating Directory Symon Petliura, which was expressed in unequivocal proclamation of Soviet power in the Ukraine and the termination resistance of the red Army.
Petlura, in turn, announced a Green traitor and orders his arrest.
At the beginning of 1919, units of the Directory embossed “green” from Tripoli, and then it was again in the hands of supporters of the chieftain of the Green. The bear continued to fight against the Petliurists. They, meanwhile, ousted from the capital of Ukraine by the red Army. At the time Green is able to agree with the Bolsheviks on joining his division in the composition of red army units on the condition that chieftain status Suffers and the political autonomy of Tripoli.
According to historians, the closer to the beginning of the spring of 1919, the Green began differences with the Bolsheviks among the “green” there are commissioners, sent red. Suffers realized that no independence of its division in the red Army does not Shine. In March of the same year “green” revolted, killed all the agitators and established in Trypillya own CPC. Then a criminal chieftain Green announced and the Bolsheviks.
In April the troops atHaman’s Green, which had armed with guns and boats, stormed Kiev. He was unsuccessful. According to historian Viktor Savchenko, “green” is not enough ammunition. From that moment began active operations against the division of the chieftain of the Green from the red Army. In the spring of 1919 Tripoli several times passed from hand to hand, the Bolsheviks and green, in June troops Suffers seized Pereiaslav, and in August, the White Church.
How to write Savchenko, to the end of the life of the chieftain of the Green managed to come to terms with Petlyura, and the division Suffers became part of the UPR.

How he died

Accurate data on this point. Historian Victor Savchenko put forward two versions of the death of the chieftain of the Green at the end of 1919 (Suffers, as pointed out by the historian of the Roman Kowal, was 33 then) – it either killed Denikin, with whom he fought, or the red guerrillas – the “green” prisoners of war are not spared.

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