with The total capacity of wind power worldwide in the past year, with one-fifth grown, reports the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), a trade association for the industry, on Wednesday.

The total capacity has increased by 60,4 compensate for 651 gigawatts, compared with a rise of 19 per cent. It is the second-biggest increase ever.

There has been a relatively new wind turbines at sea. In total, the offshorecapaciteit of 6.1 gigawatts. For the first time, is one-tenth of the new wind turbines at sea.

In the first instance, it was the GWEC assumes that, by 2020, a record should be made for the development of wind energy. But in the case of the corona virus throws may be a spanner in the works.

The precise effects are not yet clear, but it is the trade association said in a few months with the new expectations.

Chief Ben Backwell will notice that there is not yet enough to be done with it. For the purposes of the climate deal by Paris to catch up to this decade, every year, for 100 gigawatts in new wind turbines are to be built.

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The corona virus, in short, The corona virus is spread mainly from person to person via a sneeze, and hoestdruppeltjes. The chances that you will become contaminated by surfaces such as door handles is very small. This risk will be reduced if you get your hands washed. You can have the chance to spread substantially reduce, by at least 1.5 metres away from other people. An infected person is infecting on average two to three other people. The precautions that are necessary in order for this to be cancelled. The vast majority of patients have mild (flu-like) symptoms. Almost all the deaths involve the elderly or other vulnerable people, such as cardiovascular, pulmonary or diabetic patients. If anyone have the measures of compliance, while reducing their risks. Read here to find out what precautions you should take.