The cabinet decision on Tuesday the 31st of march, on measures for the corona virus, after the 6th of april. That was prime-minister Mark Rutte Wednesday night announced in a brief update on the end of a crisisberaad.

According to the New is in on Tuesday to see how the Netherlands is doing, since the measures of the last few weeks have been affected by it. On the basis of the situation at that time, further decisions are made.

The prime minister emphasised that this refers to all the measures that are currently in up until april 6 to apply, including how to keep schools and the hospitality industry, and it is possible to work from home.

The measure, which has already been extended to the 1st of June, for the holding of meetings for which a license is required. Mean reported use of this measure on Monday at a press conference. In June, these meetings will not be permitted, even if there are fewer than a hundred people there.

Well, the prime minister, during the update, there is a clear difference in comparison to last weekend’s in relation to the performance of the action. According to Rutte, the agreements and rules, since Monday is clearly observed. People are more in the 1.5 meterregel.

in Addition, repeat and New, during the press conference, when people are in the thuisquarantaine because of this measure, according to him, on Monday, it was snow-covered in the media. Rutte stressed that the family should stay at home when a person is suffering from a fever and shortness of breath, except for family members who are in a vital sector such as the care or the police, to be employed.