That would be something for the football heart. A mega finale on the final day of the game. One before which nobody knows which stadium the championship trophy has to be carted into. But think. We haven’t had anything like this for a decade. The Bavarians from Munich were already the champions well before the goal was closed, their dominance is too great. But it doesn’t paralyze the league. A fight for the title that was exciting until the end would arouse national interest. But relegation battles also have their appeal. Especially when it comes to Berlin.

And so we experienced a gripping final on Saturday, typical for Hertha. It only works with music. Struggling for existence at the limit, in the end there was a bitter defeat in Dortmund: In Berlin, the jittering can continue – Hertha now has to tremble through the relegation.

The relegation battle is the championship of the often smaller clubs, which surprisingly no longer include 1. FC Union. A big drama, a matter of the heart for the fans of a club, a question of existence for the clubs and their employees. We’ll be happy to cheer you on in the stadium again. Clubs have only been able to fill their arenas properly since March of this year, and people play along. There were fewer spectators on the most recent Bundesliga match days than in the 2018/2019 season, the last season before Corona. But the desire to play, the desire to be close to football is back.

It also has the Bundesliga to thank for the fact that society can find its way back to normal. Crowding in the subway on the way to the full Olympic Stadium – old reality regained. Berlin life.

The quality of the games and players in the league may not play such a big role, there are many things we can pull ourselves off of. Like the debate about video evidence, for example. It doesn’t want to tear off, but checking the images makes the game demonstrably fairer, but not absolutely fair. And we football people like to say – but. Incidentally, we also like quick decisions, which fortunately are rarely possible in professional life. In football, there isn’t much wobbling, if things don’t go well under a coach, then he flies. Although the new one often doesn’t do it any better.

In terms of sport, it was a Bundesliga season in which mediocrity was the trump card. It was the last season of the super talent Erling Haaland in Dortmund, he will be in the Premier Robert Lewandowski, the most successful striker Bayern has ever had, is probably moving away. The superstar leagues are those in England and Spain. From a German point of view, only Bayern Munich can play in the Champions League, and even that didn’t work out this time.

One step below, the role of the Bundesliga was dazzlingly strong, Eintracht Frankfurt reached the final of the Europa League. The game is next week, then the relegation games with the trembling Hertha come as a follow-up, in between the cup final in Berlin – let’s enjoy it too.

Because what awaits us next autumn, from Corona to war, and whether the coming season can start with full stadiums and as exciting as the old one ended – nobody knows. Not even the people from FC Bayern.