Medical by the scientific journal New England Journal of Medicine. is an instance of a woman who has a notable symptom. It is the blood of a 25-year-old patient in the Us is Rhode Island and pale blue-to-be. According to the doctors, this was caused by an anesthetic, for toothache.

The young woman was in the emergency room of the hospital, taken as they suffer from fatigue and shortness of breath. Then, the doctors have her investigated, I discovered there was more to it than that too. It is the blood of the lady, and had a blue color. She was having a lot of ‘cyanosis’ says the doctor.

According to the attending doctors, Otis, Warren, and Benjamin Blackwood, it was the fault of a drug, that the woman the night before, in a large dose had been taken for toothaches. As a result, blood and oxygen to the tissue, which is made of a blue color.