Hasselt is Sensitive, readers will be able to have the next two days, but it’s better for the Jeugdstraat the city is known for several Banneuxwijk to avoid them. Local resident Stefan Liesens have a month and a half to work on the biggest Halloweenhuis in the province. In the garden is more of a temporary cemetery, which is a long spinnentunnel a spookchalet and zombiebar. For the People who visit for the faint of heart, is to be careful when the tarantula on the wall.

just A regular haunted house at the fair, it is nothing in comparison with that of the house of the family of the Liesens-Weyns in Has a Banneuxwijk. “We have a little bit of letting go ‘ gives a resident’s Stefan admitted. “We decorated each year, our whole garden on Christmas day. A couple of years ago, we started out with a Phone.”

It takes a bit of effort to get the necessary materials and equipment to be able to meet. “Weverzamelen throughout the year, witches, skeletons, zombies, spiders, and skulls,” says Stefan, smiling. “At the flea market, we look each time whether there is not a bone, implements of torture, or severed fingers in the offer. Thus, we turn to our kind. Don’t underestimate the build-up itself, by the way. We get it, it is not used all of them up. That’s why we have to appeal to the family and friends who are here from september to assist with the mounting of the spiders.”